New: Cromatipic®

New from Perfect Coat: Cromatipic®. Cromatipic® is our new green solution for chrome plating synthetic components.
This environmentally friendly technology is the ideal alternative to the conventional, polluting technique of electroplating. Cromatipic® is also cheaper than electroplating and it enables nearly all kinds of synthetic materials to be chrome plated, whereas electroplating only works on modified plastics (ABS, ABS/PC).
Cromatipic® has even more benefits:

  • Cromatipic® is environmentally friendly and can be applied without risk to the worker's health. It is also fully compliant with the EU's REACH regulation.  This new chrome plating technique has been tested extensively by most European car manufacturers and has been approved as a surface finishing technique for chrome plating various synthetic products.


  • Cromatipic® makes it possible for Perfect Coat to add various colours to a chrome coating to give products a unique appearance. Perfect Coat can also apply various effects and metallic layers onto a layer of primer, such as a gloss, mat or satin finish, and add colour combinations to produce a gold, dark chrome, bronze or even an aluminium look.


  • Cromatipic® can be applied to most common plastic substrates and even to various aluminium alloys