Coatings are applied to synthetic surfaces for various reasons. From a design angle, the coating may be required for protecting the product. In terms of aesthetics, coatings may be used to make the product more attractive, and so on.


We can coat almost any synthetic material. Over the years, we have applied coatings to many synthetic components in accordance with the wishes of our customers. In doing so, we always deliver the highest quality, with the wishes of our customers defining the standards.

We use all types of 1K and 2K coatings, both water- and solvent-based.

Process control for our automatic coating line ensures that coating conditions are optimum. Spraying robots guarantee consistent quality.

We are highly experienced in:

  • The coating of irregular shapes.
  • The coating of synthetic materials that are difficult to process, such as polypropylene.
  • The coating of products measuring up to 1.8 metres.
  • Complying with complex coating requirements, such as double-sided coating or partial coating.