Industrial coating

We use two modern automated coating lines to be able to wet-coat your products in the most efficient way and to produce the best possible quality. These coating lines feature fully automatically adjustable spray guns. Together, these coating lines ensure that we can come up with a solution for every coating challenge.

Two ultra-modern 2K mixing systems take care of the coating, which enables us to create accurately reproducible and high-quality surfaces such as high-gloss black and chrome-look coatings. With the flexible use of our coating lines, we offer the best solutions for your products.

Robotic line:

  • CO2 cleaning, flame treatment, and wet coating by means of 6-axis robots.
  • Conventional drying at the desired product temperature.
  • UV curing
  • Suitable for strong three-dimensional products as well as products that need all-round coating.
  • Product dimensions up to max. 1750x500x350 mm
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Flatbed painting line:

  • CO2 cleaning and ionization of the products after which the coating is performed by two, four, or six spray guns.
  • Conventional drying at the desired product temperature.
  • Suitable for relatively flat products of which the underside does not need to be coated.
  • Product dimensions up to max. 1800x350x65 mm
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We use our specialist knowledge and expertise to devise solutions for the optimal coating of your products.

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